Beatport Link Playlist Creator (BPPL)

BPPL is a simple bookmarklet that makes it easy for DJ's to create Playlists in Beatport Link, for use in DJ software like Rekordbox or on the new Denons.

Beatport Link is a subscription to beatport to stream their full catalogue. No need to buy all those new releases each week.

This little Glitch site is here to host the Bookmarklet and code. For more detail of the tool and how to use it please see our Beatport Link Playlists post on Medium.


If you know about bookmarklets, then you can just drag it below to your Fav bar


How to use this?

1) Make sure you're subscribed & logged into Beatport Link

2) Create a playlist and note the playlist ID - its the digits at the end of the URL.

For example in the one below the playlist iD is 1713

Get your Playlist ID

3) Make sure your browser bookmark/favorite bar is visible in your browser

4) Drag the bookmarklet below into your bookmark bar


Here is a little Gif example:

Create Bookmarklet Example

5) Browse to a Release, Cart or Chart page on Beatport that you want to import to your playlist - for example the Techno Top 100 … just because I ❤️ techno of course.

6) Click the BPPL bookmark in your bookmark bar - if you are not logged in & subscribed the Beatport Link it will show you an error.

7) Enter the playlist ID from step 2

Enter Playlist ID

8) (optional) subscribe to our mailinglist so we can keep you posted of updated & dj streaming news

Subscribe to our Mailing List

9) View your playlist on Beatport to confirm tracks have been imported

10) Enjoy the newly added tracks in Rekordbox (Beta), WeDj and Soon Denon.


The FAQ are now in our Medium post about Beatport Link


Plenty of ideas - but lets see if people find this useful first 😄


This tool consists of 2 bits of code. You can view it together with the code running this little page here.

The 2 files are:

1) the bookmarklet - which is the code added as a browser bookmark

2) the bppl.js file - which is added to the beatport page when you click the bookmark and that includes the bulk of the code for this tool